Tommy Robinson lashes out at Sadiq Khan over terror comments


Rebel Media journalist and EDL Founder, Tommy Robinson, hit back at Sadiq Khan over his past comments regarding terrorism

Sadiq Khan infamously said terrorism was ‘part and parcel’ of living in a big city.

Such comments angered many, including Tommy Robinson who tweeted today:

“Tonight’s attack is just part & parcel of living in a big city. Isn’t that right @SadiqKhan nothing to be alarmed about”

This is an obvious dig against the London Mayor.

Others replied to Tommy’s tweet saying:

“White taxi driver spotted giving free lifts home. #notallwhites”

For those of you who don’t know, after the Manchester and London Bridge attacks, Muslim taxi drivers were offering free Taxi rides to those stranded (I have the utmost respect for them doing this).

Thousands took to social media to express how not all Muslims are terrorist (that’s obvious), this tweet is implying the same, but using white men instead. Mocking the automatic response we witness with all of these atrocities.

Tommy also angered many by tweeting: “I’m not surprised at all that an attack like this has happened, I’m just surprised it’s taken this long.”

I do feel that it was only a matter of time before someone attacked innocents in ‘revenge’.

My prediction is that other revenge attacks will follow, unfortunately.

Outraged Twitter users vented their anger to Tommy over his latest Tweet, with one person saying:

“Respected you up until this point Tommy. There’s no way you can find justification for an attack like this.”

Tommy replied: “Find justification? Are u for real. Anyone who didn’t see this coming is an idiot”