Tony Blair DESTROYED on Facebook about ‘helping with Brexit’


Sky News posted a video on Facebook asking whether or not the ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair should be allowed to help with Brexit, and predictably Teflon Tony was absolutely DESTROYED in the comments.

The clip was published by ‘The Pledge’ – a Sky News show that invites a panel of guests to discuss current issues an an often fiery and entertaining format.

Some of the comments from Facebook users express slight annoyance at the idea, while many others just go ahead and give him both barrels!

The awesome Michelle Dewberry had already called the idea ‘crazy’ …

Here are some of the best of the best, and you can view the video for yourself here.

Worryingly, there also seem to be a number of people who agree that Tony Blair does perhaps have a role to play.

While we admit that his past role as President of all things EU would have given him some insight into the inner workings of the bloc, surely he is the last man we want representing our interests.

With so many people pulling together now to try and make the Brexit process as smooth as possible, Blair will be frantically trying to row against the tide and drag us back in!

He is EU through and through, and this is all before you consider the car wreck of his time as Prime Minister.

Lying to take us into a war with Iraq makes us think that there are no depths that he wouldn’t sink to if it meant keeping Britain in the EU.

We’re amazed that he hasn’t declared that Jeremy Corbyn is keeping weapons of mass destruction in his house in Islington.