Tony Blair DESTROYED on Facebook for getting involved in Syria crisis


The ex-Prime Minister (or should we say, the most hated ex-Prime Minister in the history of the United Kingdom) Tony Blair has been blasted on social media after he decided to stick his nose in the current crisis that is developing in Syria.

You would have thought that someone with his disastrous track record in Iraq (Weapons of Mass Destruction?) would know when to keep his mouth shut.

However, while speaking to ITV News, he decided to back airstrikes against Assad’s regime, and whether or not you agree with him isn’t the issue – the problem is that he is simply irrelevant and his inflammatory remarks are not required.

He may even be trying to sow the seeds of discontent and appeal to the Blairites under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership – a double-whammy of Blair interference in one go!

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair told ITV News that the international community has to treat a chemical attack as a “red line”.

He said: “Frankly, if you don’t take action then you give carte blanche to the Assad regime and their backers, the Russians and the Iranians.

“Since 2013, we’ve had probably twelve incidents of chemical weapons (in Syria) – so if the world doesn’t take a stand then it sends a very clear signal,” he added.

Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn said: “I think the intervention ought to be to support the United Nations in undertaking an investigation into the chemical weapons attack. That’s what the UN has called for.

“But, also, there has to be a political solution in Syria. That does mean the US and Russia, instead of engaging in megaphone diplomacy across the floor of the Security Council, saying they will support the reconvening of the Geneva talks and all the countries in the region getting round the table together.”

Here are the best of the comments blasting Blair’s so-called ‘Middle East expertise.’

People in this country worry about the far-right! However, many would argue that Blair is more of a ‘centrist’ figure.

Think about it. He is desperate for Theresa May to proceed without Parliament’s position to try and get some justification for his own ridiculous and destructive acts in the past.

We have been saying this for a long time, and yet he is still free to appear in the media and spout his destructive views.

Unfortunately Blair is no fool – he is just someone who managed to fool an incredibly number of people when he was in power and he is keen to pull off the same stunt again.

There are genuinely people within the Labour Party who think that Blair will return to defeat Corbyn like some sort of white knight. The media is more than aware of this, hence the disproportionate amount of airtime that he now enjoys.