Tony Blair has just told the French media that Britain will CHANGE ITS MIND about Brexit


The ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair has told the French media that people in the United Kingdom will change their mind about Brexit.

To make matters worse, he has also said that Britons will demand a second vote on leaving the European Union.

It seems that once again, Teflon Tony cannot resist sticking his nose in where it isn’t wanted, but the worrying thing is that there are still plenty of people who are listening to him.

According to a report in The Express Blair told French newspaper Le Figaro:

“My country has the right to change its mind, I want to fight for it.

“As the cost and difficulty of leaving the European Union become clearer, new facts become public, it is likely that citizens’ feelings about Brexit will change.

“When negotiations are over, whatever the agreement reached by the government, we must demand to have our say on it.”

“It is clear there will be a bill for Brexit and that there will be less money for health.

“People are also starting to realise that going out of the single market and the customs union is going to be extremely painful.

“It’s going back to forty years of integration and liberalisation.

“By the way, the single market was a big idea … British.

“The irony is that the single market and enlargement, which fuelled the vote for Brexit, were the two main European objectives pursued for years by the Labour and Conservative governments.

“I still believe that it is still possible to stop Brexit, even if the probability is less than 50 per cent.

“It is because the Conservative Party has said it will go to the end of Brexit no matter what the price, that it has lost a majority in Parliament in the last election.

“The Conservatives did not get the mandate they asked for.

“The atmosphere is changing in the country.”

He is living in a fantasy land, and the really sad thing is that although he is more than aware of this, he insists on peddling this codswallop.

Perhaps the reality will set in sooner rather than later that his time of influence and power is long gone, and that every pathetic attempt to try and divert the course of Brexit will just destroy whatever shreds of credibility he has left.

Tony Blair just called for ANOTHER Brexit referendum

The ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair has used an interview with newspaper The National to demand yet another referendum about Brexit.

According to the piece in the Abu Dhabi based media outlet, Blair feels that a repeat of the ‘Yes / No’ question must take place once the negotiations between the United Kingdom and the EU in Brussels have been finalised.

To be fair, there have been many, many calls for this second vote from a variety of different people, but the fact remains that whenever it comes from Teflon Tony himself it is newsworthy.

Not because there is any justification in it, but because it is yet another opportunity for everyone to stand back and laugh at how pathetic Blair has become.

He ended his career as Prime Minister in absolute disgrace over Iraq, and now he is deluded enough to think that his opinion on Brexit still matters – perhaps this is a long-term result of his EU presidency.

According to The National:

Tony Blair has called for a second nationwide vote to decide whether the UK should leave the European Union when the full detail of any negotiated deal is known.

The vote – either a national election or referendum – could lead to a reversal of the decision to leave the EU if the terms struck during the negotiations were unfavourable, the former prime minister told The National.

“What’s important is that we don’t have a vote on the divorce until we see the terms of the new relationship,” he said. “It could be an election, it could be a referendum … you have to have a final say.”

Could we perhaps organise a referendum about whether or not Tony Blair should be made British ambassador in a newly-built United Kingdom embassy on The Moon?