Tony Blair has now confirmed that he is TRYING TO REVERSE BREXIT


The ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair has now actually confirmed that he is trying to reverse Brexit.

Let’s be honest – we have all suspected this for a while now, but now he has finally just come out and said it outright.

The admission was made while he was speaking to Radio 4, and he said:

“When the facts change, I think people are entitled to change their mind”

(He was asked if he was referring to ‘reversing Brexit,’ and replied “Yes, exactly so.”

“My belief is that, in the end, when the country sees the choice of this new relationship, it will realise that it’s either going to be something that does profound damage to the country, or alternatively, having left the European Union, left the single market, we will try and by some means recreate the benefit of that in some new relationship, in which case I think many people will think, ‘What’s the point?’

“The will of the people is not something immutable. People can change their mind if the circumstances change.”

“A lot of people will have voted for Brexit on the basis that if you get out of Europe, all this money is going to come back and we can spend it on the health service. And that was a very specific promise made by the Brexiteers.

“It is now very clear I think: one, that there is no extra money for the health service through Brexit and, secondly, we’re actually going to be paying less money to the health service, not more money, because growth is down and because we’ve also got this huge bill for the European Union.

“So when the facts change, I think people are entitled to change their mind.

“There are some people who believe that membership of the European Union is inconsistent with national sovereignty. I don’t agree, but they hold that view very, very strongly. Nothing is going to persuade them,” he said.

“Then there are other people who, if you like, believe that the reason for being anti-Europe is that it’s too sclerotic and bureaucratic. And these are in many ways the people driving this Brexit thing intellectually. They are not going to be persuaded.”

At least he has made his intentions perfectly clear now. Unfortunately, everyone has already seen through his chest-beating since June 2016 and come to the same conclusion.

Tony Blair attacks Brexit AGAIN and still thinks UK can stay in the European Union

One of the biggest enemies of Brexit Tony Blair has attacked Brexit YET AGAIN and suggested that it is a ‘self-harming act’ by the United Kingdom.

He has also repeated his claim that Brexit can be stopped somehow, with the United Kingdom remaining in the European Union in spite of the fact that 51.9% of the turnout for the EU referendum elected to Leave.

It still seems that the will of the people means nothing to Teflon Tony, who now appears to be deaf as well as stupid.

To make matters worse for him, spending a few minutes on Facebook now uncovers a number of comments from die-hard Remainers who also think he needs to shut up – perhaps it is because they have realised that his ridiculous comments are doing their cause more harm than good!

He made the controversial remarks during an appearance on stage in New York at the Concordia Annual Summit, and the scaremongering tone was set right from the very beginning when he compared the result of the EU referendum to the election of Donald Trump in the USA last November.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, he said:

‘I think it is a defining decision for the UK 

‘To take ourselves out of our biggest political union and commercial market right on our doorstep…I think is going to diminish us.

‘We will come through it – we are a great country and a great people. We will survive. 

‘But I think if it is something we can avoid, we should.’

‘Don’t take the self-harming act of cutting us out of the largest market we are selling into.’

‘We have got to respect the vote. On the other hand I would say to people Brexit is a bit like agreeing a house swap when you haven’t seen the other house.

‘You can agree in principle ‘I want to move out’ but when you actually see the other house and see the neighbourhood you may change your mind.

‘So as these negotiations proceed, lets see what the terms of this relationship are so we can compare the existing relationship with the EU with what’s on offer.

‘That is a different decision with a different quality of decision making around it.’

We have highlighted the key comment in bold above, as we find it laughable that he has said ‘we have got to respect the vote.’

If we are being honest, Blair has done nothing but DISRESPECT the vote ever since the result was announced in June 2016.

Respecting the vote by definition would involve not being continually obsessed with undoing the good work by the Leave campaign who managed to win in an ethical and democratic manner.

If we wanted to summarise here, we would simply tell him to ‘bugger off’ with his Brexit bashing!