Tony Blair to make a COMEBACK BY UNITING with the Lib Dems


Tony Blair is planning to unite with Lib Dem leader Tim Farron and return to politics 20 years on after his historic Labour victory.

Blair is attempting to create a group to battle the centre grounds, hoping to attract dissatisfied Labour and Liberal Democrat  voters.

A source close to Blair said: “He wants to save the Labour Party along with his legacy by wading in behind the Lib Dems and forging a new progressive alliance that will fight for the centre ground.”

A source close to Farron has confirmed the talks took place.

He said: “Obviously on Brexit, for example, I probably do have more in common at the moment with the Lib Dems.”

Casting himself as heir to Blair, Farron added: “1997 shows what can happen when a party is prepared to make a broad appeal to change Britain’s future for the better.

“My message on the eve of that anniversary is this: things can on his remarks as the party appealed for Labour supporters’ votes.

“I am urging voters, those who backed Labour in 1997, to come and vote for the Liberal Democrats.”

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron is hoping to attract a barrage of voters who previously voted for labour and to remain in the European Union, but feel let down by Jeremy Corbyn’s EU policy.

Farron believes a second referendum on the deal that Theresa May comes back with in two years’ time would be necessary and is one of his party’s new policies.

Any opposition to the Conservative government seems to be in disarray at this moment in time, which is great news for PM May who is hoping for a landslide victory on 9th June.

The Tories will be campaigning profusely in constituencies which have a high Leave-voting majority.