Tony Blair’s speech BACKFIRES as nation RISES UP … AGAINST HIM!


Tony Blair delivered a passionate speech today about people ‘rising up’ against Brexit – however it has actually backfired MASSIVELY with people rising up against the ex-Prime Minister!

His speech was leaked almost 12 hours beforehand, and before he had even stepped onto the podium in London people were lining up on social media to slam Blair for saying that there should even be a second referendum. 

He called upon Remainers to try and convince Leave voters to change their mind, but all he done is p*ssed people off on both sides of the argument. 

He thought he would be the Messiah of Remoaners, but unfortunately he’s just a very naughty boy.

We already know that Farage wasn’t too impressed, but it seemed that people on both sides of the debate just can’t stand the guy. 

Perhaps it has something to do with those weapons of mass destruction that still haven’t turned up. 

One of our favourite reactions was when the business guru Duncan Bannatyne OBE tweeted: “Why doesn’t Tony Blair just do one? I mean like just shut his big gob?”

Another Twitter user said: “See Tony Blair is trending today – seems he’s managed to unite everyone…. but unfortunately only against himself.”

Also: “Who knows, maybe Tony Blair will unite the country! In that, everybody unanimously tells him to pipe down.”

One tweet summed it all up: “Tony Blair – Enemy of the people.” 

How about: “A Twitter user said: “Tony Blair says this is the ‘beginning’ of the #Brexit debate. Where was he when the UK voted?”

Or even: “I voted for Tony Blair without ‘informed knowledge’ he intended to wage a murderous, illegal war. I call on people to ‘rise up’ against him.” 

We love: “Tony Blair can crawl back under a rock. I remember about a million people rising up about Iraq and he ignored it.”

Still at least Tony still has a very modest opinion of his own self-importance. We know this as his speech included: “Like me or not like me… you don’t have to listen to me.”

Is that even English?

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