Tory Brexiteer gives PERFECT reason why EU can’t BLACKMAIL Britain


MP Rishi Sunak explained why the EU should drop its border demands as he destroyed claims that Britain’s border with Ireland will cause trade to suffer after Brexit.

It seems like the EU thinks we need them more than they need us, but they have forgotten one key point.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4, Mr Sunak said: “There are lots of countries that trade with each other without being in a customs union and seem to manage it quite happily.

“Look at the EU and Sweden. Look at the US and Canada.”

He said: “On goods, one of the practical things that we can do – well, actually people have this idea that things are stopping at customs checks all the time.

“Literally, just a few per cent of all consignments going across the border are actually stopped and looked at today. Most of it is done in advance and is done online and pre-verified with the authorities.”

He said: “There’s been a common travel area between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland that’s been in place far before we joined the European Union.”

Liam Fox hits out at PROJECT FEAR ‘Doom Mongers’ in the Commons as he announces future trade plans

Liam Fox attacked fear mongers who said the UK economy would collapse after Brexit, along with announcing a new board of trade.

Mr Fox told the House of Commons this morning: “The Project Fear doom-mongers were wrong! We’ve had a positive response from other governments.

“They, like us, want to ensure there is no disruption to trade at point of departure of the EU. We will want to get as many of those in place as we can, part of that depends upon the willingness of partners to get it ready on time.

“There are obviously contingency measures under WTO rules to ensure contingent market access in any case.”

Mr Fox also announced the creation of a new board of trade which will work in the interest of the nation after Brexit.

He said in the Commons: “It will bring together leading figures from business and politics from all four nations – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“It will meet four times a year, rotating around the UK to guarantee businesses in every region have the chance to raise the issues that matter most to them.”

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