Trump protesters ‘forget’ Obama DEPORTED more immigrants than all presidents combined


According to a number of Donald Trump supporters in the media today, many people who are protesting about ‘The Donald’ have forgotten that ex-President Barack Obama stopped Iraqi refugees from entering the USA in 2011.

A report in The Express¬†highlights that both Obama and Bill Clinton carried out similar exercises to a varying extent, with Clinton’s presidency attributed to 1,864,343 ‘illegal alien removals’ in 2000 alone (US Center For Immigration Studies).

While the arguments over the similarity of the circumstances could go on and on, there does seem to be a lack of historic media coverage about the Obama policy towards Iraqi refugees in particular.

Former LabourMP George Galloway has also entered the debate now by pointing out that Obama deported more immigrants than all of the other US presidents combined. Whether or not this record is given up to Trump over time remains to be seen.

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