UK and EU are at ‘DISTURBING deadlock’ in trade talks as NO DEAL scenario looms


Trade talks between the UK and the EU have once again reached a ‘deadlock’ which cannot be broken for the foreseeable future

The European Union refuses to start trade talks until a financial agreement has been established. Such stance is putting the entire talks at risk of not being completed in time.

The British government is still committed to walking away from negotiations to avoid a ‘bad deal’.

Regarding the financial situation, the EU’s chief negotiator, Mr Barnier said:

“That question we are at an impasse, which is very worrying for thousands of projects everywhere in Europe and also worrying for those who contribute.”

And he said there could be no compromise on any of the issues, warning: “The agreement we are working on will not be built on concessions.

“There’s no question of making concessions on citizens’ rights, there’s no question of making concessions on the peace process in Ireland and in regard to the financial settlement there’s no question on concessions on thousands of European projects.”

The UK’s leading negotiator, David Davies stated that the government was prepared to walk away from talks.

He said: “As the Prime Minister said yesterday, the UK is planning for all outcomes. It’s not what we seek, we want to see a good deal, but we are planning for everything.

“It’s the duty of a responsible government to plan for all scenarios, however improbable, and that’s what we are doing.”

Both men have been asked about the prospect of a “no deal”.

Mr Davis insisted that the negotiations should lead to a good deal but admitted the Government needed to be prepared for no agreement.

Mr Barnier branded the prospect of no deal a bad one.

Things do not look like they will be progressing any time soon.

I don’t know about you but I want a no deal!

Get us out as soon as possible!