UK government commits to British soldiers serving in EU army for ‘years after Brexit’


According to a report that has appeared in The Express, government ministers within Whitehall have committed to sending British soldiers to serve in an EU-led army for ‘years after Brexit.’

If this is true, it will be a shocking insult to not only members of our own forces and their families who voted for Brexit because they were disillusioned with the whole European Union project, but indeed anyone else in the 51.9%.

There have been a number of indications in the past that this could be a possibility, but this is the strongest sign yet that Brexit Britain could be betrayed in this manner.

The report said:

In a shock announcement, a Whitehall document put forward proposals for keeping the UK signed up to a string of EU defence and security projects for decades ahead.

The offer was designed to improve the Government’s hand in negotiations with the EU over the country’s departure from the bloc.

But Euro-sceptics campaigners claimed ministers had caved in to Brussels military ambitions and warned that Armed Forces personnel could be sucked into the drive to build an EU army.

Col Richard Kemp, a former Army officer and leading member of the Veterans for Britain pressure group, said: “This shows the Government has lost control of this issue.

“The agenda is being driven by pro-Brussels officials in the Ministry of Defence, Foreign Office and Cabinet Office who resent us the idea we are leaving the EU and want as close a military relationship as possible.

“These proposals will undermine Nato. It is an attempt to undermine Brexit.”

Colonel Kemp is making a very good point here. Could it be possible that there are some very influential Remoaners within our own government who are pushing for this to happen as some kind of ‘revenge’ against those who voted Leave?


We already know that these people are at the very highest levels of government (Hammond?) so it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility that Whitehall could be infested with those who are looking to maintain these ties with Brussels.

Supporters of this lunacy will say that this military co-operation is vital for the safety of Europe as a whole, but we all know that this is a huge red herring!

It has been made perfectly clear time and time again that Brexit will allow British armed forces and our intelligence and security services to work very closely with their continental counterparts without being absorbed into yet another EU-led vanity project.

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