In a huge sign of government unity, the Chancellor Of The Exchequer Philip Hammond and the International Secretary For Trade Liam Fox have published a joint article confirming that there will be NO SOFT BREXIT and no backdoor membership of the European Union after Brexit. 

It’s great to finally see this sort of message coming from the highest level of government  in a summer of infighting and ridiculous Brexit headlines.

According to the BBC coverage:

“We are both clear that during this period the UK will be outside the single market and outside the customs union and will be a ‘third-country’ not party to EU treaties,” they said.

They said the UK’s borders “must continue to operate smoothly”, that goods bought on the internet “must still cross borders”, and “businesses must still be able to supply their customers across the EU” in the weeks and months after Brexit.

Although the pair did pretty much confirm that there will have to be some sort of ‘transitional period’ after Brexit for businesses to adjust successfully, ‘out’ will very much mean ‘out.’

With all this talk of second referendums, soft Brexit and even stopping Brexit, today’s piece in The Telegraph will send a clear message that these anti-Brexit tactics are doomed to fail.

We’ll drink to that!

We still believe that a cabinet including Hammond isn’t compatible with our wishes for Brexit, but at least this is a sign that his Brexit sabotage has been reined in slightly!

Perhaps Theresa May set the whole thing in motion?