UKIP has big plans to SCRAP the BBC licence fee


UKIP plans to punish the BBC for its anti-Brexit bias during the run up to the EU referendum, otherwise known as Independence Day, by SCRAPPING the licence fee.

The licence fee will be scrapped under a UKIP government, saving families £400 a year.

Many right wing voters view the BBC to be an extremely left-wing organisation, and often the victims of their anti-Brexit, anti-Britain views were Leave voters.

UKIP’s economics spokesman justified the policy today, saying: “There are three key reasons why the TV licence has had its day.

“The first is technological advance meaning the very idea of charging people a poll tax to be able to watch a screen has become obsolete in the era of Amazon, Netflix and online streaming.

“The second is that prosecutions for non-payment are taking up huge amounts of court time and criminalising many otherwise law-abiding people who are simply strapped for cash. Single mothers are particularly badly hit.

“The third and for me clinching reason is the BBC’s record of political bias, whether over Brexit, the debate over mass immigration, climate change, penal policy, the US Presidential election coverage or a host of other issues.”

“We are living in polarised political times and the BBC has simply failed to adapt and failed to be self-critical.”

The plan would see the £147 fee phased out over a three-year period – it would drop to £100 in the first year, £50 in the second and then completely abolished by the third.

UKIP is hoping to maintain its fanbase in the upcoming general election which will be held on 8th June.

The Conservative party led by Theresa May is set for a landslide victory, with many voters from UKIP switching to the Tory party to ensure Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party stays out of government.