UKIP MEP destroys Gina Miller with just two sentences


It’s no secret that Gina Miller is hated by millions of leave voters, but UKIP MEP Jane Collins hit the nail on the end when talking to the Express Newspaper

UKIP MEP Jane Collins who told “I must have missed that time we voted for Gina Miller to run the country.

“She is not elected, she is just someone using her considerable wealth to launch legal challenges to get her own way on the UK remaining in the EU.”

Mrs Miller’s latest legal challenge has meant that the government/DUP deal will need to have “appropriate parliamentary authorisation”.

Conservative MP John Redwood also lashed out at Mrs Miller saying: “Gina Miller and her legal challenge helped delay our exit by nine months, which is costing us an extra £9billion as a result. Let’s ensure there are no more delays.”

I don’t know about you, but I agree with Mrs Collins and Mr Redwood 100%.

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