Verhofstadt SLAMMED BY REMAINERS AND LEAVERS after calling for ‘United States Of Europe’


The European Union’s Brexit co-ordinator Guy Verhofstadt has been slammed on Facebook after calling for a United States Of Europe.

However, unlike previous situations where he has received a fierce backlash on his ever-expanding Facebook account, this ridiculous comment has been slammed by REMAINERS as well as leavers.

Until now, Verhofstadt has positioned himself as ‘the Remainer’s friend,’ and so that makes this latest incident all the funnier as it shows that perhaps deep down he is completely out of touch with both sides of the argument in the United Kingdom.

Here is the post:

In the accompanying caption, he said:

Thumbs up if you want a United States of Europe! #IamEuropean #WeAreEurope #FutureOfEurope

To be honest, he should have just stuck with the image and forgotten the caption – at least this would have left him with some credibility.

The problem with this latest deluded outburst is that Leave voters do not want a United States of Europe, and more to the point, Remain voters are also mainly against some kind of European superstate.

When you look through some of the comments that have been left, Remain voters are accusing him of playing into ‘the hands of Leavers’ by coming out with such a dumb remark as they know that this ‘idea’ will just make the whole EU look even more ridiculous.

Just a few weeks ago, his fellow Europhile Martin Schulz came out with the same suggestion on Twitter, even going as far as saying that those who didn’t want to come along with the idea would be ‘kicked out.’

Here are some of the best examples of Verhofstadt bashing on the post:

Remember that Nigel Farage isn’t the only person out there who is banging the drum for European nations working closely together without ‘silly flags and anthems.’

People are being turned off of the idea of the European Union because of the direction in which is heading. People want ‘less Europe,’ not more.

This is a good point to make as it is clear that even if there was ever to be second referendum, this sort of high-profile remark is likely to damage the pro-EU cause.

That could be the only silver lining here …

Surely this is proof enough that if the EU is to have any kind of future after Brexit, it needs to recognise the fact that member states need the highest possible amount of control over their own affairs.

The EU has a long and proud history of ignoring the majority opinions of people within their member states when it comes to getting new treaties passed into law. Has there ever been an institution that is better at not taking ‘no’ for an answer?

Why should the EU chip away at the sovereignty of each member nation/state/country? In this instance, how do you feel about the use of the word ‘state?’