WATCH: Amber Rudd DESTROYS Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn in stinging speech


Corbyn, Abbott and McDonnell “sound like a bunch of Marxists at a sixth form debating society” and would destroy Britain’s police force, according to Amber Rudd.

Ms Rudd said: “I know you heard from Diane Abbott yesterday and I can’t imagine her £30-a-year salary went down that well.

“Tories have always passionately backed the police and security services.

“Jeremy  Corbyn has said that he does not support police officers shooting to kill.

“Diane Abbott said we should dispose of the police, she called for MI5 and special branch to be abolished because they are conspiratorial groups.

“John McDonnell said the same thing – they sound like a group of Marxists in a sixth form debating society.

“I’m not saying this for petty party political reasons. This isn’t like previous elections, you’re being asked if you want to put three people who spent years attacking police in charge of our country’s security.

“Choose a party that will stand by the police when you need us to, choose a party that will always put our country’s security first.”

She said: “I know people don’t want to be drawn into issues involving the wider economy but it’s not good if we’re running a weak economy.

“We had to pay down the defect and make some cuts there. Crime fell despite the fact the number of police officers fell. That’s due to great leadership among police groups and investment made around policing.

“We can stand on the record of working closely with the police and help you work towards cutting crime and protecting the police budget.

“In the last year there has been a rise in some elements of violent crime, part of that is down to more reporting because people have more confidence in the police.

“I speak to constables and commissioners and a lot of the issues are gang related.

“Around 25 per cent of knife crime is gang related so more we can do there why young people feel the need to carry knives.”