WATCH: Andrew Marr SLAMS Emily Thornberry for ruling out no Brexit deal


Andrew Marr spoke to Labours Emily Thornberry where he accused her of trying to weaken Britain in Brexit talks “so we would have to do whatever the EU says” as Labour tries to take a no-deal Brexit scenario off the table.

Mrs Thornberry struggled to defend her party’s campaign for a veto against a no-deal scenario, after Marr pointed out it would weaken Britain.

Andrew Marr said: “By keeping no-deal on the table, she has achieved this movement from the EU.

“But you bolted the door on the no-deal, so that means, if the EU came to you with a £60bn divorce bill, you would eventually have to pay!”

Marr continued: “Admit it, you would have to pay. You would leave the UK in a much much weaker bargaining position.

“When eventually the EU say this is the sum – and you have ruled out a no-deal – you have to do what they say.”

The shadow foreign secretary responded: “If you’re having a row with your partner, you sit down and sort it out.

“You don’t say ‘you do as I say or I’ll walk out’.

“From the very start, they have been threatening no deal and that is not the way you do the talks.”

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