WATCH: Andrew Neil grills Labour MP over party’s Brexit policy and it’s brilliant to watch


Andrew Neil interrogated Labour MP, Jenny Chapman, over ‘why on earth’ she would agree with Labours Brexit policy

Speaking on Daily Politics, Ms Chapman replied: “At the moment we have been very very clear that we will be in the single market and customs union for that transition period.”

She said: “It’s difficult to see how you can because we are very mindful about immigration and the commitments we have made on that. If it was a reformed membership. We are not hung up exactly on the mechanics.”

Ms Chapman vowed to keep both markets “on the table”. She replied: “We need to be members of a customs union we believe in order to protect our trade.

“We can’t see how you can achieve that without being in a customs union.”

Neil fired back saying: “So we could be in the customs union and the single market even after the transition.

“What makes you think the Europeans are going to agree with that without the conditions that comes with it? Why on earth would they agree to that?”

Neil took one final swipe saying:“Clearly you have not been following the talks,”

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