WATCH: Andrew Neil SILENCES Alex Salmond over failing SNP


The BBC’s Andrew Neil has hilariously blasted the ex-SNP leader Alex Salmond over time spent in the Scottish parliament debating independence.

However, according to Nicola Sturgeon, independence is not the SNP’s main priority – allegedly it is education!

The Scottish government has spent 40 hours this year debating independence, but zero hours debating their so-called top priority of education. 

It doesn’t look like education is the priority to us. 

The SNP seems to be so narrow-minded that they forget that other issues exist.

He said: “You have spent in the past year in Holyrood, 43 hours of government time debating independence, how many hours of government time have you debated education?

“Of government time you have spent zero hours debating education, isn’t it time the SNP went back to concentrating on the day job?”

He replied: “Andrew, Andrew, as you very well know Nicola Sturgeon has identified, as her key priority, closing the attainment gap in Scottish education. That’s exactly what she has done.

“Let me answer the question Andrew, the difficulty in being in a remote location is if you talk before I answer the question then the viewers will not be able to listen either to your questions or to my answers.”

He added: “I have said exactly the same as Nicola Sturgeon on that. The issue of independence will be decided on a national referendum by the Scottish people.

“The mandate for that referendum was gained in last years Scottish elections.

“What this election is about is backing the right of the Scottish parliament to exercise that mandate and also providing a real opposition to this Tory Government.

“And of course allowing the Scottish parliament to resist austerity and some of the public expenditure cutbacks that you have been talking about, that is what this election is about, backing our Scottish parliament.”

We love Andrew Neil. We love him a lot!

Time after time, the enemies of Brexit sit before him and spin him a tale or two, and he just gives them both barrels and sends them away with their tails between their legs!