WATCH: Andrew Neil SKEWERS Lib Dems over anti-Brexit election strategy flop


Andrew Neil applied pressure to the Liberal Democrats while presenting his political round up show ‘This Week’ on the BBC

Mr Neil questioned the Liberal Democrats strategy regarding Brexit.

Neil blast: “Did you misread the mood of the nation?

“You thought you could tap into resentment amongst the Remainers, but it turns out a lot of Remainers, although they were unhappy with the result, really just want to get on with it.”

Ms Mackenzie argued “it was perfectly reasonable” for Mr Farron to campaign with an anti-Brexit manifesto, because “people don’t know what Brexit looks like yet”.

Many people would argue that the know exactly what Brexit looks like, it starts off with a Conservative landslide victory, then the UK pulls out of the EU, Single Market and the Customs Union.

Michael Portillo former Conservative MP said: “I think we’ve moved beyond this weeks ago, I think that is the big misconception of the Liberal Democrats.

“I think you are absolutely right when you implied this a moment ago, I think people have moved on, they know Brexit is going to happen and the two main parties are saying it’s going to happen.

“But, let’s go back over the arguments. If we were to say our European partners, ‘Well, if the deal isn’t acceptable we’re going to have another referendum and reject it’, of course, we would be given a completely unrealistic deal.

“I think most people understand that, which is why Farron’s position is completely ridiculous.”

Tim Farron’s party will certainly to do well with hard-core remain voters and young people, but Jeremy Corbyn seems to be doing even better with the young generation.

This is something the Conservatives should be worried about, give it 10 years and we could see consistent Labour victories.