WATCH: Andrew Neil slaps down Nicola Sturgeon’s bid to hijack Brexit talks


Andrew Neil put Scottish National Party leader, Nicola Sturgeon is her place as she tries to hijack the Brexit talks

During his leaders interview with Nicola Sturgeon last night, Andrew Neil said: “You say a vote for the SNP will strengthen your hand in the Brexit talks, you’re not in the Brexit talks.”

To which Mrs Sturgeon replied: “Well you know what, we should be as should Wales and so should Northern Ireland.

“The Prime Minister has brought about this election, that gives the people of Scotland the opportunity.

“And I’m saying to people in Scotland whether you voted Leave or Remain, whether you voted Yes or No in 2014, this is an opportunity to strengthen Scotland’s voice in these Brexit talks and strengthen the influence we have in terms of the positions the UK Government take.”

Mr Neil said: “But Mrs May doesn’t want you in the talks, and Mr Barnier, the lead EU negotiator doesn’t want you in the talks.”

She said: “I think in terms of the Prime Minister’s position – Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Tory leader, said not that long ago she through Scotland and the Scottish Government and me as First Minister should be involved in deciding and shaping the UK position.

“So if the SNP wins this election it strengthens our hand.”

Mrs Sturgeon said: “Let me set out clearly, I would want Scotland to be a member of the EU.

“But I don’t control the Brexit process and I can’t foresee exactly how that will unfold.

“The danger Scotland faces right now is not just Brexit, but it is the extreme Brexit that is being pursued by the Tories.”