WATCH: ANOTHER Labour politician flounders in CAR-CASH interview


Nick Ferrari did not hold back when questioning shadow education secretary Angela Rayner over class sizes.

LBC presenter, Nick Ferrari applied pressure to Angela Rayner live on LBC, quizzing her on Labours new classes sizes pledge.

The shadow education secretary was unable to answer how many children would be helped under the new pledge.

She said: “Well, it’s different, there’s variants in terms of class sizes over 30. And there’s even some that are over 40 to be honest with you.”

When pushed for a number by Mr Ferrari, Ms Rayner responded: “There’s quite a substantial amount of pupils that are affected.

“I haven’t got the numbers on me to hand, but it is quite a substantial amount of children that are in class sizes that are over 30.”

Ferrari asked whether it was 50 children or five million young people affected by overcrowded classrooms, but again Ms Rayner replied: “It’s a significant number.”

The host then continued to lambast the politician and asked her if she thought it would be “a good idea to have a sense of how many people you’re talking about”.

He added: “You are the shadow education secretary. One of your key pledges is to try to reduce class sizes, which will really resonate with my listeners for four, five, six and seven-year-olds.

“I’m asking you how many this will affect and all you can tell me is it is a substantial number?”

Ferrari then offered his “help” and gave her the figure of 520,445 primary school pupils in England.

“Do you not think you ought to have had that number?” he then asked.

Ms Rayner insisted: “I’m not going to play that numbers game.”

Labour has a mysterious skill at producing politicians that struggle with numbers during interviews.

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