WATCH: Audience member rages over WASTEFUL foreign aid budget


The Conservative party was under pressure Thursday night due to an audience member’s question regarding the incredibly high foreign aid budget which currently stands at £13 billion a year, this equates to 0.7% of GDP

The audience member exclaimed: “Why are they still carrying on when we are short of policemen, firemen and care workers.

“Everybody suffers while we keep giving this large amount to silly things. In St Helena we gave them £285million for an airport that airlines cannot take off from.”

Jonathan Bartley, the co-leader of the Green Party, said: “I am absolutely in favour of £13billion in foreign aid. We would put it up. I am proud of it and want to raise it to one per cent.

“I am ashamed of our country when we spend 40 per cent of GDP on ourselves, the fifth biggest economy in the world. Yet we only spend 0.7 percent on the rest of the world when there are famines and poverty.”

UKIP have long urged the government to cut the foreign aid budget while we have massive problems here in the UK.

I personally believe that charity starts at home and we should not be spending tens of billions of pounds a year on foreign countries when we still have massive levels of homeless people and thousands using food banks.

There was speculation that Theresa May was planning to slash the foreign aid budget, but unfortunately, such pledge was not in the Conservative manifesto.

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