WATCH: BBC News host BLASTS ‘revelling’ remainer during interview


It’s not often that we see the BBC questioning remainers harshly, but when they do, it’s great to see

BBC host Shaun Ley lashed out at Nicky Morgan for her stance over Brexit.

Speaking on HARDtalk, Ley said: “The questions you’re posing are kind of loaded now aren’t they? You talk about ‘the cliff edge facing businesses when we leave’ – so it’s going to be in your view a cliff edge we’re going to be dropping off.

“‘It’s a cause for concern’ – you say the risks of the EU not agreeing a divorce agreement with Britain, [you give your] views on the desirability of a transitional arrangement to ‘provide more time to negotiate and prepare’.

“This is Nicky Morgan, who wanted to Remain in the EU, revelling in being in the awkward squad, to quote your words.”

She fired back: “No, actually you are able as a politician – I’m a former lawyer as well – to take on the role as a chair of a select committee, you are there to hold Government accountable to Parliament.

“Parliament is going to be hugely important in this process, we’re asking the questions our constituents want us to ask.”

Ms Morgan then launched a scathing attack on the EU divorce.

She added: “I think anybody who thinks Brexit is going to be easy and painless has not been straight with the British public.

“These things are always doable, there will be a negotiation, I very much expect that there will be an end deal, but it’s going to be bumpy and I think people are realising that.”