WATCH: Bizarre moment Lib Dem candidate says ‘Leavers voters didn’t vote for Brexit’


Liberal Democrat candidate, Paul Kennedy, attempts to explain how millions of leave voters, did not vote for Brexit as they did not wish the UK to leave the single market

I don’t know about you, but I voted to leave the European Union and definitely wanted the UK to leave the single market.

It’s a shame that some remoaners cannot understand this.

The Remainer said: “Theresa May claims there can be no turning back from Brexit but that simply isn’t true.

“Theresa May says she wants this election to be about Brexit, so let’s talk about Brexit.

“I campaigned to keep Britain in Europe and like most people in Mole Valley I passionately believe that Britain should stay in the European Union.

“Brexit hasn’t even happened yet but already we’re 15 per cent poorer than we were a year ago and every day companies are moving jobs away from Britain and the South East into Europe.

“Many of you have told me you feel betrayed by your MP who voted against your wishes to trigger Article 50 on the basis of Theresa May’s ‘hard’ Brexit.”

He added: “Even people who voted leave didn’t vote for the extreme version of Brexit that the Conservatives are taking us down.

“90 per cent of people, no matter whichever way they voted in the referendum want Britain to stay in the single market because they know it’s good for jobs and trade.

“But the Conservatives are hell-bent on ripping up whatever we share with Europe rather than doing what’s best for our country.

“The Tories say Brexit is inevitable but they can’t even agree among themselves what sort of deal they want, or even if they want a deal. Brexit isn’t inevitable.

“The EU has confirmed that we can revoke Article 50 at any time and end this Tory madness.”