WATCH: BRILLIANT moment Amber Rudd savages Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘magic money tree’


Amber Rudd battled it out with Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, last night skewering him over his ‘magic money tree’

The Home Secretary said: “We are a party who will always support those in most need and the welfare bill for helping people with disabilities has gone up £7billion in the past seven years and is now at £50billion.

“We will always provide that safety net when it is needed.”

Corbyn hit back saying: “You tried to take personal independence payment’s away from people with disabilities and then you turned yourselves around in a few days on that, you are not credible on this issue,”

Rudd raged: “Jeremy I know there is no extra payment you don’t want to add.

“No tax you don’t want to rise, but the fact is we have to concentrate our resources on the people who need it most.

“We have to stop thinking as you do, that there is a magic money tree.

“You have to be accountable on the money you want to spend.”

The one thing I have noticed with Labour governments compared to Conservatives governments is that Labour lover to spend a lot more money than the Tories.

Even if they don’t have the money, they’ll be more than happy to spend it.

Many people love this high life of increased spending, but we all know what happens, the country gets into massive debt.

When this happens the Conservatives come in, introduced cuts and try and get the deficit under control.

After a few years, people get sick of this high spending and once again Labour are back in government ready to spend vast amounts of money.

The cycle then repeats.