WATCH: Channel 4’s Jon Snow DESTROYS Jeremy Corbyn over Labour’s shambolic Brexit policy


With the Labour conference well underway in Brighton, it has already been revealed that there will be no official votes about how Labour will approach the topic of Brexit – this is yet the latest sign that Corbyn’s party is a laughing stock, Brexit or otherwise.

In a fiery exchange that has been broadcast on Channel 4, the left-wing journalist Jon Snow remarkably launched a huge attack on Corbyn face to face over Labour’s shambolic approach to Brexit, referring to it as ‘mush.’

As the interview went on, it was also clear that Jezza took exception to Snow’s comments as he appeared to become agitated at the accusation that the Labour leadership was somehow trying to prevent a meaningful Brexit debate at the conference.

Without a vote, it’s very difficult to call any conference debate ‘meaningful!’

According to a report in The Express:

Snow said: “Jeremy Corbyn, the biggest constitutional, the biggest economic issue of our generation and it seems you prevented the conference from debating a motion that would have set Labour’s policy.”

Mr Corbyn replied: “Sorry Jon – nonsense. We had a statement, we had a debate, we had votes, we had a discussion.”

The host insisted material put out by the party addressing Brexit was “mush”.

He said: “The very people who had the thing out said this is mush and it is mush – it doesn’t say anything.”

Mr Corbyn defended his party’s stance and said he wanted “tariff-free trade access to the European Union”.

He said: “What it says is we want to negotiate for a tariff-free trade access to the European Union, we want to protect rights and conditions coming from Europe, in workers, consumers and environment.

“And that’s the strategy we’re doing but crucially we would legislate immediately to give permanent residence to EU nationals living in this country.”

Although we don’t normally applaud Jon Snow on here, we have to say on this occasion that he is bang on the money.

If you look past the ‘rock star’ Corbynmania that seems to have taken over the conference in Brighton, which is all down to the efforts of the equally laughable Momentum movement,  all you will see are thousands of people clinging on to the idea that Labour are ‘a hair’s breadth’ away from getting into government.

The reality however is very different. It is more like a whole wig.