WATCH: Conservative MP delivers stunning BBC ‘bias’ Commons RANT


Conservative MP warned the house of commons of media ‘bias’ especially when it comes to the issue of the European Union

Speaking in the House of Commons, on Thursday, Mr Bone said: “On the doorstep, media bias came up a lot.

“But I’m afraid, it was media bias by the BBC, and they suggested to me that it should be called the ‘Brussels Broadcasting Corporation’.”

His short speech triggered a rapturous applause from his fellow Tory backbenchers, one of which had previously mentioned the subject.

Mims Davies, Conservative MP for Eastleigh, claimed media bias was also an issue raised during her campaign to be reelected to the House of Commons.

She said her constituents have “raised concerns about their perception of biased across a number of platforms”.

Channel 4 News presenter, Jon Snow, has come under fire for reportedly saying ‘f*** the Tories’ at Glastonbury music festival.

So much for being impartial.

A young man called Matt Kilcoyne told Snow “not everyone hates the Tories as much as you,” and instead of taking it in his stride like a true professional he simply snapped back “That was a very unpleasant thing to have done”.

As the blog post points out, Snow didn’t take the opportunity to deny that he shouted the offensive phrase.

How dare he accuse this brave young man of doing something ‘very unpleasant!’

Surely it is far more ‘unpleasant’ for the general public to see a respected newscaster show an incredibly amount of anti-Tory bias.

Perhaps it was all one big audition for a job at the BBC – they love a bit of left-wing over there.

We tried to reach out to the BBC for a comment, but they were too busy dealing with an ‘ongoing situation.’