WATCH: Corbynista gets HUMILIATED on Question Time for demanding SECOND EU REFERENDUM


Question Time is our favourite time of the week, because we know that it is never too long before a Remoaner shows up and gets well and truly put in their place for suggesting something that flies in the face of ‘the will of the people’ who voted for Brexit – end of.

This week, it was the turn of the editor of the left-wing website ‘The Canary’ Kerry-Anne Mendoza to get a taste of this by suggesting that there is a ‘real case’ for another EU referendum on the terms of Brexit.

Cue booing. This was better than seeing Bobby Davro in panto.

According to The Express: She said “We’ve got Brexit people in the audience and on the panel.

“Your main argument about Brexit and the fact that we should go ahead is that we had to have the democratic mandate, that it’s the will of the British people.

“I agree with you, which is why I think there is a legitimate case for saying that when the Brexit deal comes back, we hold a referendum on how.”

Ms Mendoza – who has previously called on David Cameron to be banned from returning to the UK after his summer holiday – received a chorus of boos following her remarks.

Bloody right too. A referendum on the final deal could set the whole process back by a number of years.

Imagine a NO vote, and David Davis having to go back to Brussels with his tail between his legs.

We the British people voted for Brexit, and the government literature made it very clear that it would be ‘see ya later’ to everything within the European Union.

Therefore, we handed a mandate to our government to go and do the best deal possible.

Whatever the outcome may be, it isn’t a matter for a mass election – something that everyone is getting fed-up with.