WATCH: Diane Abbott mocked over Corbyn terrorism speech


Dermot Murnaghan ripped into Diane Abbott over Jeremy Corbyn’s comments that UK foreign policy is to blame for the increase in terror attacks

Sky News host Dermot Murnaghan put Mrs Abbott on the spot when asked if Britain was to blame for the Blitz as we bombed Germany during World War 2.

“Can I put it to you Diane Abbott, some people are terming this idea that by meddling in affairs overseas it stirs up trouble and therefore we get attacked at home – could you not say that bombing Nazi Germany then and that terminology led to the Blitz?” he asked.

She replied: “No, it’s not the same thing at all – as I said Tony Blair was warned that by intervening in Iraq we would see a rise in terrorism.

“We have to be serious about this, we have to stop making party political points. Jeremy was not seeking to make a party political point, he didn’t even mention the other party, he was talking about how we keep this country safe going forward.

“And it was right to do so because we have to return to democratic debate after the events in Manchester and this is a subject that is on everyone’s mind.”

Let’s not forget that unless the Conservatives gain an overall majority, Diane Abbott will be the home secretary in 11 short days. In charge of the police and MI5. We cannot take the risk and allow this to happen.

Mrs Abbott when talking on the Andrew Marr Show gave viewers a history lesson on her hair styles when responding to his question over IRA support.