WATCH: Diane Abbott ridiculed by Amber Rudd in BBC debate


Amber Rudd took no prisoners last night while debating Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Amber Rudd filled in for Theresa May and she claimed she was too busy preparing for Brexit negotiations.

“Let’s face it, Jeremy only decided to come late this morning, I was rather hoping Diane Abbott might be here so I could debate with her as well.”

Ms Rudd fumed: “The most important challenge that this Government is going to have going forward is getting a good negotiation with the EU.

“It is going to dictate whether we have a strong economy whether we can pay good wages to our public servants and support our public services.

“Theresa May has the support of her team, she has the support of whoever becomes her MPs.

“Jeremy Corbyn has had a no confidence vote against him which four out of five of his MPs wouldn’t support him on, how can he go in to negotiate with 27 different countries with such a weak team and weak support behind him.

“Theresa May will be able to deliver for us… she knows how to negotiate and to deliver for the European Union. She will be the right leader for us.”

Mr Corbyn fought back saying: “300,000 people elected me to lead this party and I am very proud to lead this party.”

Many people prior to the debate this evening were unaware that Amber’s father, Tony, sadly passed away a couple of days ago, nevertheless, she stood tall and debated Jeremy Corbyn brilliantly in front of millions of viewers.

The BBC have come under scrutiny for their blatant left wing audience