WATCH: Diane Abbott skewered over Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit stance


Diane Abbott was put on the spot of Labours Brexit stance and if she was sure Mr Corbyn voted to remain in the European Union

During the interview, the host asked: “Are you sure that Jeremy Corbyn voted to remain?”

Ms Abbott replied: “Absolutely sure. That is an absurd question. It’s almost trying to undermine all the hard work that all of us did to get the right result.”

Wark then hit back and highlighted her party leader’s stance on single market membership after Ms Abbott insisted her party was not “taking any options off the table”.

The presenter said: “But if you have a Labour leader saying that he wants to leave the single market, that that is the option, if you’ve got your shadow international trade secretary saying ‘leave the single market, leave the customs union’ – that looks like Labour is actually supporting a hard Brexit.

“And there’s very little evidence to show that Labour’s doing anything to stop a hard Brexit.”

Abbott replied: “You will see what we are doing to stop a hard Brexit when Parliament returns but I can assure you that our vision for this country going forward is very different from Theresa May and the people around her.”

To be honest, I can’t see Labour delivering on Brexit. They have way too many remainers in their ranks, the pressure would be all too much for Corbyn to handle and he’ll end up getting Britain out in name only.

That is not what we voted for!

Right now our best bet is to support Theresa May and get a so called ‘Hard-Brexit’ as soon as possible!