WATCH: Duncan-Smith snaps at German host in huge Brexit row


It’s fair to say that the UK and Germany are probably not on the best of terms since the Brexit vote. Ian Duncan-Smith’s altercation with a German TV host proves this.

Speaking on DW News, the British reporter, Tim Sebastian, quizzed Mr Duncan Smith about how the UK is approaching Brexit talks with the European Union.

Mr Duncan Smith explained how Brexit would unfold, insisting that the future relationship between the UK and EU had to immediately be discussed.

He said: “Let me tell you something very important that Mr Barnier knows, that you cannot settle the financial position of both the EU and the UK until you have completed what our relationship is afterwards.

“He knows this to be a truth.”

The host interjected asking how many trade deals Mr Duncan Smith had negotiated which left the Tory raging.

He replied: “Let me tell you something, I know a bit more about trade deals than you.

“Let me tell you something about trade deals. Stop interrupting and let me tell you about trade deals you might learn something, here is what has to happen.

“As we leave the European Union, we will also re-enter the WTO as a voting member, we are a member but we are not a voting member.

“The schedules that are owned by the EU actually have a financial tag to them.

“Unless they agree with us the amount of money that we pay to take some of those schedules relevant to us and lodge them at the WTO, they will end up as the EU, spending a great deal more money for less potency.

“Here’s the point, they have to settle that, they have to settle that at the time we leave. Otherwise, they pick up a bigger bill.

“Mr Barnier knows very well that until this is settled, nothing is settled. The importance is what is our relationship with the EU because it informs what the financial settlement is between us and the EU and it completes that.”