WATCH: EU boss Juncker TEARS into Britain over ‘unsatisfactory’ Brexit stance


Juncker has blasted Britain for its apparent ‘unsatisfactory’ Brexit stance

I don’t know about you, but it seems like the EU are stir crazy.

They are blasting us for our Brexit stance, but in the process decline our citizen rights proposals and demand we pay a huge Brexit bill.

Who on earth do you think you are? As Nigel Farage would say.

The EU boss said: “I don’t wish to dwell at great length on this because this is ongoing. The UK government is hesitating showing all its cards, why would it do this in order to reveal those to others, so we’ve got the negotiating team in Brussels engaged in negotiations with Mr Barnier.

“But I would like to be clear that I did read with the requisite attention all the papers produced by Her Majesty’s government and none of those is actually satisfactory.

“So there’s still an enormous amount of issues which remain to be settled. Not just on the border problems regarding Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is a very serious problem in respect of which we’ve had no definitive response, but we also have the status of European citizens living in the UK and UK citizens living on the continent.

“We need to be crystal clear that we will commence no negotiations on the new relationship particularly the new economic and trade relationship between the UK and the EU before all these questions are resolved…that is to say the divorce between the EU and the UK.”

He said: “We cannot mix these issues up. I know that there is some partial overlapping between issues but the European Council, following up on the Commission’s proposal, has been crystal clear first of all we settle the past before we look forward to the future.”