WATCH: Farage invites Hungarian Prime Minister to LEAVE the EU


Nigel Farage invited Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, to join the Brexit Club by calling a referendum on Hungary’s membership of the EU.

Brexit is almost guaranteed to increase euroscepticism across the entire continent.

Some will say it may go down in history as the beginning of the end for this doomed project.

Farage pointed out that Orban had earlier been “attacked and abused by non-entities, who want Hungary to bow to their will” inside the European Parliament.

Nigel went on: “I’m beginning to wonder at what point do you stop banging your head up against a wall.

“You spoke today of a nation. Isn’t it becoming obvious as a member of the EU you are not a nation?”

He pointed to the massive EU interference in France’s election with the establishment backing Emmanuel Macron, with Farage insisting that “these people will go on interfering”.

“You won’t pay the price for Mrs Merkel’s supreme folly and sign up to migrant quotas. They will never ever forgive you for it,” Farage told Orban.

“It must become clear to you that this set of organisations bound by treaties are not open to reform”

Farage is well known for his flamboyant speeches in the European parliament.

His speech came after the popular Hungarian PM Viktor Orban stood up for the sovereignty of his nation, declaring opposition to mandatory EU migrant quotas.

The ex-UKIP leader decided not to stand as a MP in the forthcoming snap general election which takes place on 8th June.
Instead he will focus his time and energy travelling throughout Europe as an MEP battling for a amicable divorce from the European Union.