WATCH hilarious Question Time moment when audience member says ‘Diane Abbott COULDN’T RUN A BATH!’


The BBC’s Question Time programme is usually a great opportunity to find out exactly what the general public really think about some of our leading government politicians and shadow politicians, and the latest episode was no exception after a member of the audience  launched into a furious rant about the Labour Party and said that the Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott ‘COULDN’T RUN A BATH!’

The Scottish gentleman was clearly concerned about how the whole failing party has lurched to the left under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn – he attacked Corbyn, his Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Abbott as well for simply being ‘marxist.’

According to a report in The Express:

DIANE Abbott was absolutely roasted by a BBC Question Time audience member who claimed he would not trust her “to run a bath let alone the Home Office” before labelling Jeremy Corbyn a “Marxist”.

The audience member from Dumfries asked whether Labour is “being taken over by Momentum extremists?”

He said: “Well, after Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour Party, it seems to have been infiltrated by the far-left, they’re there to protect him from those who are against him within the Party.

“I think the Labour Party has gone so far left it has gone off the page.

“Jeremy Corbyn to me is a Marxist, John McDonnell wouldn’t deny he was a Marxist when he was interviewed by Andrew Marr and Dianne Abbot, I don’t know where she is but I wouldn’t let her run a bath – never mind the Home Office.”

The audience laughed at the hilarious quip and gave a stormy round of applause.

But Labour MP for Derby North Chris Williamson rebutted the audience member’s claim.

He said: “Momentum are not extremists, absolutely not. If you look at the Labour Party now it is an exercise in democracy.

“We are now a mass movement, the Labour Party has more members than all the other parties put together by some distance. And when you say we are extremists, what is it the Labour Party is putting forward now?

The gentleman’s main point was an extremely valid one, as the current form of the Labour Party has two main sets of opponents in British politics – other political parties, and the rest of the Labour Party!

The reality of the situation is that the only thing truly keeping Jeremy Corbyn out of power is the fact that his leadership has driven a massive wedge through the whole party, effectively creating ‘two Labours.’

The more ‘centrist’ members of the party, perhaps those who could be considered as ‘Blairites,’ simply want nothing to do with Corbyn, but this becomes incredibly impractical when not only is Jezza in the hot seat, but you also have his Momentum minions increasing his presence all over the place.

Modern Labour doesn’t have to worry about the Tories destroying them – Modern Labour is doing a fine job of that without any outside help.

This doesn’t however mean that everyone else can be complacent, but it is mildly satisfying to watch Labour implode in this way.