WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn JEERED in Parliament over suspension of Labour MP Jared O’Mara


The leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn has been JEERED in the House of Commons after it emerged that the Labour MP for Sheffield Hallam Jared O’Mara has been suspended over a number of offensive remarks that he allegedly made online.

On the Guido Fawkes blog, it was revealed that O’Mara posted a variety of offensive and sexist comments.

At Prime Minister’s Questions, Theresa May made it very clear that it was down to Corbyn to ensure that his party sends out the right message to women across Britain who want to get involved in the highest levels of politics, and comments from Tory MP Nicky Morgan were met with a barrage of jeers from Conservative MPs who are fed up with being branded the ‘nasty ones’ when Labour obviously has a serious problem of their own to deal with!

It’s not the first time that one of Corbyn’s army has left the leader with a real headache. The name ‘Naz Shah’ springs to mind.

According to a report in The Express:

Following the suspension of Sheffield Hallam Labour MP Jared O’Mara over alleged homophobic and misogynistic comments, Tory MP Nicky Morgan mocked Mr Corbyn about the treatment of female MPs in Parliament.

Ms Morgan asked Mr Corbyn: “Next year sees the centenary of the first woman member of parliament.

“Would my right honourable friend tell us what leadership and encouragement to the women and girls in his constituency to take part in public life the member for Sheffield Hallam has shown in his remarks?”

In response to the question, Parliament erupted and Jeremy Corbyn faced MPs shouting “Jeremy”, “Oh, Jeremy”, “Jeremy, are you listening?”

In response, Prime Minister Theresa May said: “I want to see women and young women actually be able to see this House as a place they actively want to come to.”

When are the usual suspects going to get it into their thick heads that Labour and the left-wing has just as much as a problem with hateful remarks and prejudices as the ‘hateful, bigoted’ right-wing?

Of course these remarks ‘do not represent the wider views of the Labour Party’ Jeremy, but how many more times will you be able to wheel out this tired and hackneyed excuse whenever one of the Momentum faithful starts running their mouth?