WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn REFUSES to give immigration cap figure


Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, was put on the spot last night during a TV debate with the audience over his policy on immigration post-Brexit

The audience member asked Mr Corbyn: “How are you planning to deal with immigration, the Conservatives have pledged a number, why won’t you?”

He added: “We accept the result of the referendum. It has happened, we accept it.

Mr Corbyn said: “I am not going to stand here and put a figure. Our Prime Minister has done that now in the third election and got nowhere near meeting that figure.

“I would have thought that under a managed migration system it certainly would not go up anymore. It would probably – I don’t want to be held to this – probably come down. It is a probability.”

The idea of immigration staying at current levels or increasing is a scary thought.

I like how the Conservatives have at least given a number they are working towards (though they have done this before and failed spectacularly, this time will be different due to the options Brexit offers).

Millions of people voted to leave the European Union last year based on the promise that immigration will be brought down.

UKIP have pledged to reduce net migration to 0, creating a 1 in 1 out policy. The odds of UKIP winning the general election are pretty much impossible.

The Conservatives are currently on track for a comfortable majority and with just 9 days to go tensions are rising.

Labour have however come within 5 points of the Tories recent polls show.