WATCH: Jon Snow ATTACKED on TV after he is heard screaming ‘F**K THE TORIES’


The Channel 4 broadcaster and ‘politics expert’ Jon Snow has been confronted on TV about the moment when he was heard shouting ‘F**K THE TORIES,’ and he didn’t take it too well!

According to the excellent Westmonster blog, a young man called Matt Kilcoyne told Snow “not everyone hates the Tories as much as you,” and instead of taking it in his stride like a true professional he simply snapped back “That was a very unpleasant thing to have done”.

As the blog post points out, Snow didn’t take the opportunity to deny that he shouted the offensive phrase.

Amazingly, Westmonster also points out that the little ‘tête-à-tête’ has now mysteriously disappeared from the Channel 4 catch-up repeat of the show in question.

What are the chances?

How dare he accuse this brave young man of doing something ‘very unpleasant!’

Surely it is far more ‘unpleasant’ for the general public to see a respected newscaster show an incredibly amount of anti-Tory bias.

Perhaps it was all one big audition for a job at the BBC – they love a bit of left-wing over there.

We tried to reach out to the BBC for a comment, but they were too busy dealing with an ‘ongoing situation.’

According to one of our sources, a member of their social media team had realised that Jeremy Corbyn’s face hadn’t been plastered on their Twitter accounts for seven minutes.

Heads are apparently due to roil.

But anyway, back to the problem at hand.

There is a saying in life that revolves around the fact that people who dish it out should be prepared to take it. Live by the sword and all that.

However, Jon Snow’s crybaby reaction to being taken to task over those comments was nothing short of disgraceful – at least have the courage to stand by your remarks and justify them!