WATCH: Laughter ERUPTS as Sturgeon claims independence ISN’T her first priority


It’s almost impossible to make this stuff up, but Nicola Sturgeon has claimed that education is her top priority in Scotland opposed to her narrow-minded independence obsession.

Laughter erupted around the Scottish parliament when Sturgeon tried to dig herself out of a growing hole.

Speaking during First Minister’s Questions, the Scottish Labour leader blasted the SNP for Scotland “declining” in terms of educational attainment.

She said: “The First Minister used to claim education was her number one priority, even she doesn’t claim that anymore.

“After 10 years of SNP government Scottish education is facing challenges like never before, since the SNP took office there are 4,000 fewer teachers, a thousand fewer support staff and class sizes are bigger.

“International studies show Scotland is declining in maths, in reading and in science. [Deputy First Minister] John Swinney’s response to this was to publish a mini-manifesto repeating the very promises he’s been breaking every year since 2007.”

Mrs Sturgeon hit back and insisted “education is my top priority”, which sparked a roar of laughter in the chamber.

This comes as polls suggest that independence for Scotland is on the decline along with SNP support.

The Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davison, has blasted the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon for their “narrow-minded” independence views.

The SNP currently holds 56 seats in parliament, but polls show this could drop to 46 with the conservatives gaining 10 seats in areas where people voted to leave the EU and stay members of the United Kingdom.

Overall it is a bit rich coming from the First Minister that independence is not her priority.

Why on earth do we hear so much about it then if that is not the case?