WATCH: Leave.EU co-founder BLASTS Labour over their ridiculous approach to Brexit


The co-founder of Leave.EU Richard Tice has appeared on BBC’s Question Time show and completely destroyed the Labour Party over their ridiculous approach to Brexit.

One of the best things about the usually super-leftie BBC’s weekly programme is that some of the most famous Pro-Brexit voices in Britain shine through on the panel – even on occasions where they are heavily outnumbered.

Anti-EU outbursts from the audience members are usually absolute gold as well!

When you watch this video, it is clear why the popularity of Leave.EU has skyrocketed on social media in terms of their number of followers.

In particular, Tice slams the idea of some sort of ‘second referendum’ that has been bandied around at the Labour conference this week.

Backed by one of the ‘bad boys of Brexit’ Arron Banks, they have evolved from encouraging a Leave vote before there June 2016 referendum into a force for trying to push for the best possible Brexit deal in light of all the political shenanigans since that momentous day last year.

They share the view of many other people that if the ‘best possible deal’ is no deal at all, then so be it.

The comments on Question time have brought out a great deal of support from fans of Brexit on Facebook.

Let’s face it, when it comes to Brexit the Labour Party seems to have more flip-flops than a gift shop at the seaside. For some reason, I seem to have ‘Making Your Mind Up’ by Bucks Fizz on a constant loop in my head while I am typing this.

Very good point. It was one of those classic ‘tumbleweed’ moments where it was almost like an autocue where the text ‘PAUSE FOR APPLAUSE’ appears and nothing actually happens.

The past has proved that the best way to get a round of applause on Question Time is to say something that people will actually find interesting or useful.


The whole point of broadcasting party conferences is to give the general public the information that they need to come to an informed decision when the next election occurs.

How on earth are they supposed to do that when members of the same party are coming out with different ideas when it comes to Brexit?

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