WATCH: Moment Boris explodes in ANGER a over Labours bizarre BREXIT stance


Boris Johnson is one of the most well-known and influential politicians in UK politics, however, he lost his anger at Labour over their non-existent Brexit policy

The Cabinet Minister said: “He doesn’t have a clue about whether he wants to be in the single market or out of it.”

Mr Johnson said: “Do you want to be in the single market or out of it? In or out? In or out? In or out? Do you want to be in or out?”

“The most important question this country has faced in the last 50 years is whether we are going to be in the European Union or out of it.

“The British people have voted to come out. Are you saying you want to stay in the single market? You’re out of the single market, are you?”

Mr Gwynne, hit back by telling the top Tory: “You know what our position is.”

He said: “Don’t send Jeremy Corbyn to negotiate for us, they don’t have a clue about these negotiations.”

I must admit that I would have expected Mr Johnson to act in a bit more of a calm and sensible manner, saying that I understand that tensions are rising and this is, without a doubt, our most important general election ever.

Social media users were quick to praise Mr Johnson for his firm and outspoken approach to Mr Gwynne who stood no chance against Conservative Alpha male, Boris Johnson.

Twitter user Grant Stanley‏ said Mr Johnson won the battle, saying: “Gwynne squirming as if caught in quicksand.”

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