WATCH: Moment Paxman savages Corbyn for his HATRED of the Queen


Jeremy Paxman did not hold back when interviewing Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, confronting him over his hatred for the monarchy

Mr Paxman questioned Jeremy Corbyn over a wide array of his person beliefs, but are not in the Labour party manifesto, questioning his ability to carry out the official party policies.

Jeremy Paxman grilled the labour leader saying: “Nothing in this manifesto which is about getting rid of the monarchy which is another thing you believe in, isn’t it?”

He said: “It’s not on anybody’s agenda, it’s not on my agenda, and you know what? I had a very nice chat with the Queen.”

Mr Paxman fired back, telling the left-winger: “You don’t like her though, you don’t like what she represents.”

Mr Corbyn replied: “We got along absolutely fine, I don’t think she should be brought into the political discussion.

“I believe in a democracy and we live in a democracy, we have a titular head of state as the monarchy but without political power.”

Jeremy Corbyn has come under scrutiny before for not singing the national anthem during a memorial service.

Mr Corbyn was asked if he would promise to cut immigration down if he became Prime Minister, to which he replied:

Mr Corbyn said: “I am not going to stand here and put a figure. Our Prime Minister has done that now in the third election and got nowhere near meeting that figure.

“I would have thought that under a managed migration system it certainly would not go up anymore. It would probably – I don’t want to be held to this – probably come down. It is a probability.”