WATCH: Moment raging Emily Thornberry CRASHES Tory MP’s interview to begin shouting match


Emily Thornberry interrupts Conservatives MP interview to start shouting match and call Theresa May a coward

Mr Green said: “It’s completely ridiculous, like what a lot of Tim [Farron] said during the course of the evening.

“What you saw tonight well illustrated the differences between the parties.

“You had Amber Rudd, calm, in control, realistic, discussing serious issues in an adult way, and you saw what a Jeremy Corbyn government would be like.

“Although all the other parties, by in large agreed on higher taxes, higher spending, more borrowing, higher immigration, they still disliked each other and squabbled.

“That was the coalition of chaos made flesh, that is what a Jeremy Corbyn led government would look like and you could see there’s now a clear choice for the British people, which faces them next week.”

Emily Thornberry then joined in saying:

“I just don’t understand why she wasn’t here. What is she afraid of?

“I have to say, I think to myself if she can’t get out and debate, how the hell can she be saying to the British public she can negotiate.”

“Why is she such a coward,” she said.

Mr Green replied:

Mr Green said: “That’s a ridiculous thing to say, she is talking to real people and she is meeting far more of them than Jeremy Corbyn is.

“She is doing twice as many meetings, she is answering more questions from the public, more questions from journalists than Jeremy Corbyn does, he makes a speech to a Momentum rally and then goes off.

“Theresa May is engaging with real people. We did see the choice this evening, you saw a Conservative government that calmly gets about taking difficult decisions sometimes but making sure that we are in a good place for the Brexit negotiations.”