WATCH: MUSLIM WOMAN disrupts UKIP event by calling them RACIST


A group of Anti-UKIP activists disrupted a UKIP launch event at the Marriott County Hall Hotel in London yesterday, screaming about how UKIP is a ‘nasty racist party’ before being escorted out.

I don’t think they understand that Islam is not a race, hence a Burka ban is not a racist policy.

More to the point, as a party UKIP aims to lower immigration to an extent without stopping it altogether.

Leaving the European Union is the first step to achieving this.

A woman can be heard shouting: ‘UKIP are racist and they do target Muslim women.’

She adds: ‘How dare they tell Muslim women what to wear. How dare white men tell Muslim what to wear, they have no right to.’

The protesters gained access to the UKIP event by posing as reporters, according to UKIP sources.

After ‘shouting a lot’, the protesters were removed from the room before the event was due to start, party sources added.

A UKIP spokesman said the demonstrators were staging a sit-in in the corridor outside the function room and that the police had been called.

This is not the first, nor the last time UKIP will be the victim of left-wing moaning and pointless publicity stunts.

The public understands full well that UKIP is not, has never been and never will be a racist party – many countries in Europe have already decided to ban the burka after all.

Many view it to be a hurdle to integrating as a society and that it goes against traditional British culture.