WATCH: New UKIP leader Henry Bolton says Theresa May DOESN’T HAVE A CLUE about Brexit


An excellent interview with the new leader of UKIP Henry Bolton has appeared on Westmonster where he blasts Prime Minister Theresa May for NOT HAVING A CLUE about Brexit.

He makes it perfectly clear that she simply isn’t the right person to deliver the Brexit for Britain that the people deserve, and it is this refreshing approach that saw him win the hotly-contested race for the UKIP party leadership.

The backing of a certain Mr Nigel Farage would have probably gone a long way as well!

He talks a lot of sense here. After all, what sort of sensible person would witness the United Kingdom return a majority vote for a full and hard Brexit and then talk about transitional periods and other concessions to Brussels including a huge financial settlement?

If you read the ridiculous, ‘Please vote Remain’ pamphlet that the government sent to every home before the referendum, you will see that it made it perfectly clear that a vote for Brexit meant a vote for leaving the Single Market, ending free movement and so on.

That blows the whole ‘nobody knew what they were voting for’ argument out of the water!

Thankfully, UKIP now has a party leader who looks like someone who can help UKIP return to the frontline of British politics.

Ever since the referendum, the party has suffered a drop in support as too many people have assumed that they were a ‘single issue’ party when it was all about leaving the European Union.


However, the fact that the Conservatives have now become UKIP-lite (small elements of UKIP policy even trickled into the last Labour manifesto) means that there is a public appetite for everything that UKIP has to offer.

They just need to managed more effectively as a political force. The day that they failed to win the Stoke by-election was the day that Paul Nuttall should have cut his losses.

The June 2017 general election was the final straw, and we wish Mr Bolton the very best.

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