Watch NIGEL FARAGE call EU Chief Juncker A COMPLETE IDIOT on live TV


Once again, Nigel Farage has said the right thing at the right time by calling EU Chief Jean-Claude Juncker ‘a complete idiot.’

Instead of doing it in private however, ‘Sir Nigel’ decided to do it on US channel Fox News in front of millions of people both live and online.

We all know that there is no love lost between these two.

Perhaps it has something to do with Juncker being a lifetime lover of creating a United States of Europe ruled over by unelected old codgers in Brussels and Strasbourg, while Farage has dedicated his whole political career to smashing this idea into orbit.

Junker’s latest Brexit fun and games has involved threatening Donald Trump (not to worry, he’s only the President of The United States of America) because of his support for Brexit.

Naturally the whole thing was The Donald’s fault.

Anyway, Juncker has said that he would like to see the breakup of the USA in one way or another.

What planet is this guy living on? How in Greek buggery is the USA the same as Europe?

We could say that he has been on the ‘funny fags,’ but to be fair most cigarettes across the Channel are a bit odd anyway.

Anyway, enter Sir Nigel.

He has never been afraid to speak his mind about ‘Blair’s best friend’ Juncker and his EU chummies, and once again he didn’t disappoint.

We’re not going to ruin the surprise for you all – just grab a coffee, sit back, and take a look at the video above.