WATCH: Nigel Farage DEMANDS BBC apologise after saying he has ‘blood on his hands’


Last year a Polish man died from being punched in the head, however, the BBC tried to blame the attack on Brexit.

This is utter nonsense and they know it.

Nigel said: “Since this judgement last Friday and despite the fact I have written in to the BBC demanding that something is done all they have done is put up 280 words on their BBC Essex website about the judgement of the court.

“I’m disgusted with this. What the BBC did was to directly promote hatred and division, not just in our communities but also against me. I demand an apology and I shall be writing to Lord Hall, the Director General of the BBC, demanding an apology.

“It’s outrageous that we pay all this money – we’re forced to or we go to prison – for an organisation that pretends to be a neutral broadcaster but in reality is anything but. For me to be continually subjected to threats and violence, to need security around me to even go out and by a newspaper, it’s all caused by journalism like this.”

BBC reporter John Sweeney pressed a friend of the dead man to ‘name names’ and he said Farage had blood on his hands.

Nigel Farage is clearly not happy and I don’t blame him.

This is unacceptable behaviour from the BBC.

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