WATCH: Nigel Farage destroys the NASTY ALT-LEFT live on his radio show


The ex-Leader of UKIP Nigel Farage has taken some time on his LBC radio show to completely destroy the ‘nasty alt-left’ movement, and he did an excellent job of raising public awareness that it is time to wake up to the tactics that they use to supposedly expose right-wing groups.

Those right-wing groups that they themselves accuse of being evil and nasty, while using methods that are even worse in a number of instances.

It’s like the word ‘hypocrisy’ was invented purely for this situation!

As you can see, he had some particularly scathing criticism for the group United Against Fascism saying that they must be a good group of people because they are fighting against bad things.

He even accused them of turning up at an event with European Union flags and spitting at and abusing members of the public.

Nigel Farage is a smart man, and he wouldn’t make allegations like this unless he was 100% confident that they actually happened. He doesn’t strike us as the sort of person who would recklessly leave himself open to legal action!

He continued to describe the 2012 incident by saying that these same ‘righteous’ protestors  also called people ‘Nazis’ and then caused the closure of an adjacent blood bank that was operating at the time because of their violent actions.

Shockingly, Farage admitted that he had witnessed this sort of behaviour ‘two or three hundred times’ when organising meetings and having violent left-wing activists turn up and ruin them.

But hey! Violence is a right-wing problem, isn’t it?


The whole concept of ‘alt-left’ and ‘alt-right’ has only really come to the forefront of political discussions in the last couple of years, and with ‘alt-right’ in particular there are many people who feel that it is just another way of attacking those in society who had the courage to vote for Brexit and vote for Trump.

It really is time to ‘call a spade a spade’ and expose ALL members of society who want to use terrorising tactics to achieve their goals.

These tactics are wrong, no matter what your persuasion may be, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Farage will be slammed by the usual suspects for daring to suggest that there are left-wingers who engage in this behaviour.

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