WATCH: Nigel Farage SLAMS Muslim grooming gangs and calls attacks RACIST


The ex-leader of UKIP and radio presenter Nigel Farage has taken the bold move of slamming Muslim child grooming gangs and simply referring to these attacks as RACIST – a description that many others in the media are afraid to use for reasons of political correctness.

The political was appearing in his usual slot on LBC Radio when he made these comments, and he uploaded the clip to his personal Facebook page with the caption:

Attacks by Muslim grooming gangs across the North of England on underage white girls are racist crimes. This fact has been hidden for far too long.

Take a look at the clip below:

We feel that the term ‘racist crimes’ is most definitely appropriate here, and we are only basing this on observations from the mainstream media.

Outlets like the BBC and other well-known broadcasters and newspapers have always been very careful when reporting not only the Newcastle-based grooming story, but also similar ones in Rotherham and Rochdale in the past.

The term ‘Asian’ seems to be very popular, but as Farage is rightly pointing out here surely the term ‘Muslim’ is more accurate.

To say anything else seems to be putting some sort of slight on the whole continent of Asia – the term ‘Asian’ after all could apply to someone from Japan or China.

However, Nigel will surely now be sitting back and waiting for the torrent of abuse.

He’ll be expecting the big ‘R’ any minute now …

The only problem with him being branded as ‘racist’ for this speech is that Islam isn’t a race, but then why should minor facts and details get in the way of a bit of Nige-bashing?

On the other hand, let’s just refer back to the term ‘racist crimes’ for a moment.

Unlike calling Nigel ‘racist’ (which incidentally he doesn’t give a toss about), to label the crimes themselves as ‘racist’ could be justified by the sheer number of occurrences of white girls being targeted.